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RA Audit 2015 – closed to data entry.   Click here to access reports
RA Audit 2018 – closed to data entry after 31 July 2018 – click here to enter data
RA Audit 2019 – live from 1st September 2019 - click here to enter data
RA Patient experience survey – click here to access report

SMART Early RA Audit 2019

The SMART Early RA Audit 2019 is now open.   This follows on from the CARA and SNARE audits and collects similar data to these and the BSR/HQIP audit allowing data to be compared with previous audits and with our colleagues in England and Wales. We are aiming to capture all new RA patients seen in Scotland between 1st September 2019 and 30 November 2019 and collect baseline data and then follow up data after 6 months and 12 months.   All the relevant paperwork is available on the audit section of the SSR website in electronic format – this can be tailored to your local needs with local contact numbers etc. We suggest that consent is obtained from all new patients with likely inflammatory arthritis so that all eligible data can be collected. If the diagnosis of RA is not confirmed, there is an option to record this at the 6 month follow up point and no further data needs to be entered for those patients. The audit has been approved by the Public Benefit and Privacy Panel (PBPP) for Scotland so getting approval from your local Information governance and/or Caldicott guardian should be straightforward a copy of the approval letter is attached. Each centre will require to have an information sharing agreement signed by their Health Board and I have attached a template that should be used - inserting the name of your Health Board and local individuals where appropriate (Sections 1.1, 12.1 and 12.4).

To enter data and see your centre’s data, you will need a password.   This will be the same as the password you have used for previous audits. If you have forgotten this, or do not already have a password, please complete the password application form and sent it to

Further information is available from Liz Murphy at

Disease Giant Cell Arteritis (GCA)

The Disease Giant Cell Arteritis (GCA) is receiving more attention as effective therapies are introduced alongside prednisolone. Service innovations are in action across the UK e.g. Rapid access GCA assessment clinics. This audit will inform what the current service and disease outcomes are in NHS Scotland. Comparison will be made against the standard of published UK guidelines and SMC advice.

This audit is a lower administrative burden of time compared to research but cannot replace research. Please review the attached 1. process, 2. excel sheet, 3. paper sheet, and consider participating.