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Scottish Society for Rheumatology Applications for Funding

AHP funding to attend UK/International meetings

Annually the SSR will allocate 2 bursaries up to the value of £1000 each for 2 AHPs wishing to attend either BSR or EULAR meetings.

If you are interested in applying for this please contact Dr Karen Donaldson, SSR Treasurer for more details.

Deadline for 2021: 31st Dec 2020 

Bursary Applications

Small Grants Funding


  • The Scottish Society of Rheumatology (SSR) has agreed to set aside a portion of the society’s available excess capital to support the development and improvement of Scottish Rheumatology services for the benefit of patients and staff.


  • Applications will be invited from Scottish Rheumatology departments and individuals to seek whole or part funding of projects aimed at benefiting Scottish Rheumatology patients and/or staff.

  • Council agreed that a maximum of 4 small grant funding applications will be approved on a competitive basis.

  • The maximum sum available for funding for each application would be £2500

  • The following are examples of activities that SSR would consider for funding under the proposed scheme, though the scheme need not be restricted to these examples:

    1. development / refurbishment of rheumatology clinic / day unit spaces

    2. purchase / repair of equipment to be used by rheumatology clinics / day units / AHP teams

    3. purchase / development of patient information resources

    4. development / continuation of departmental patient information groups / self management programs / specialized AHP-lead services

    5. strategies to improve patient access to specialized health services

    6. to facilitate local / collaborative research and audit

    7. purchase of strategic laboratory equipment that advances laboratory research into rheumatological conditions

Applicants are encouraged to be innovative when considering which activities may benefit from funding

  • The following are examples of activities that SSR would not consider suitable for funding under the proposed scheme:

    1. funding for travel and/or attendance at conferences and training courses (available via existing SSR bursary scheme)

    2. funding to run educational meetings

    3. purchase of routine equipment for clinics and office spaces (e.g. office chairs, desks, IT equipment)

    4. purchase of laboratory sundries for projects funded by other means


  • Applications will be welcome from all Scottish rheumatology departments though applications will be limited to one per department

  • The principal applicant should be a member of SSR. Not all co-applicants need by members of SSR (though it is desirable)

  • Applications should be made in the broad field of rheumatology and should clearly aim to benefit Scottish rheumatology patients, staff or departments

  • Applications should be limited to a total sum of £2500

Application Process

  1. Applications will be submitted by email to the Honorary Secretary using a standardized form (attached). Each application will include a summary of expenses with evidence of  costs.

  2. A temporary Application Review Subcommittee will be convened comprising 5 members of SSR council who do not have an obvious conflict of interest with any application.

  3. The Honorary Secretary will anonymise all applications and circulate pages 4-5 to members of subcommittee. Page 1 will not be circulated to subcommittee members. Page 2 will be used by the Honorary Treasurer. Page 3 will be used by review subcommittee members

  4. Subcommittee members will review and grade each application according to:

    Potential overall benefit to applicant’s department          0 (lowest) – 5 (highest)
    Potential to improve rheumatology care                        0 – 5
    Innovative nature of application                                  0 – 5
    Overall opinion of application                                      0 – 5

  5. In the event of the total sum of all applications exceeding the total sum available, applications will be ranked according to the total score given by the review subcommittee. Applications with the highest score will be funded first and funding will continue to be allocated until there are insufficient funds left to support remaining applications. In the event of 2 applications tying for funding, and insufficient funds remaining for both, the review subcommittee will vote upon which application should receive funding

  6. Following completion of the review process, the application subcommittee will provide a short report to SSR Council describing the number of applications, total sum applied for and a list of all successful application

  7. The Honorary Secretary will provide cheques covering the total amount to each successful department’s endowment fund. The principal applicant for each successful application will be asked to provide copies of all receipts and invoices upon completion of expenditure